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Life Education Visit

Life Education Visit

The Life Education Van and Healthy Harold will be visiting Manilla Central School in Term 4, Week 7 from Monday 21st November to Tuesday 22ND November.


This organisation delivers a curriculum-based program that empowers children to make safe and healthy lifestyle choices now and into their adult lives.


The program helps children to:


  • Build their awareness and understanding of the link between the choices they make and their short and longer-term consequences.


  • Value their safety and health ad that of others


  • Develop attitudes that can prepare them to make safer and healthier choices


  • Identify strategies and build confidence and skills that can help them to deal with peer and community pressure.


Age-appropriate modules have been selected for each individual year level and students will visit the Life Education Van with their class for a 1 – 1.5hour session (length of session varies slightly for each year level).


The cost of the visit is $12.00 per student; however, the school will be subsidising this amount in full.