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GRIP Leadership Conference

Manilla Primary School Captains have the opportunity to attend the GRIP Leadership Conference at the Tamworth Memorial Town Hall on Tuesday, 16th May, 2023.

The children will depart from Manilla Central School - Primary Campus at 8.00am. Mr Scott will be transporting the children by car. The students may return to school by 3.10pm, however if students return after school hours Mr Scott will drop students off at their homes.

The students will be supervised by Mr Scott.

Students will need the following items on this excursion:

• Pen (a notebook will be provided)

• Packed morning tea, lunch and water bottle

In the event of an emergency please contact the school on 6785 1599.

Privacy advice

The NSW Department of Education is collecting the information requested on this form. The information is being obtained for the purpose of ascertaining relevant medical information, requirements and other health care related needs about your child who is currently enrolled at the school and who may participate in school excursions, sporting activities or other educational or school activities conducted by or in conjunction with Manilla Central School.

The school will use this information to plan, support students, and minimise risks when conducting the school excursions or other related school activities.

Other persons or agencies that may be provided with this information include, but are not limited to, volunteers and members of external organisations who join with the school or are otherwise involved in planning or delivering the excursion, sporting or other school activity; and persons that may be called on to provide health care treatment or other assistance during or as a consequence of such excursions or activities.

Provision of this information is voluntary, however, if you do not provide all or any of the information requested, your child cannot participate in the excursion. In such circumstances, the school will make available a sound alternative educational experience.

Provision of this information will significantly assist the school in planning a safer educational activity. It will be stored securely. If you have any concerns about provision of this information, please contact the school principal to discuss further.

You may correct any personal information provided at any time by contacting the school office on 67851599.