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World of Maths - Hands on Maths Workshop (Early Stage 1)


As part of our Term 2 work, we have invited World of Maths (a travelling, interactive

Maths Workshop) to visit our school.

World of Maths offers an ideal opportunity for students to see how maths is applied to

everyday life situations, and to explore Maths in a hands-on environment.

Students are encouraged to communicate their Maths ideas and answers with other

students in small teams, working together.

Students will gain insight into problem solving, working in teams, and will explore

various mathematic stains which are part of the curriculum this term.

It is a highly engaging session which will show that Maths is everywhere and is

important and of course, that Maths can be fun!

YEAR LEVELS: K/1 Mercury and S1 Venus

DATE: Wednesday 28th June 2023 between 9.10 -10.10am

The World of Maths Workshop will be at no cost. Manilla Central School will fund this

event to support ongoing learning and the current curriculum.